Launching ThanksGreening Week!!

It’s Thanksgiving time here in the good old U.S. of A and that means taking time to reflect on the blessings of our lives, overeating and stressing out over family gatherings. I decided to take some time this week to bring you a series of short posts that reflect the things I’m grateful for as well as “greening” our everyday lives, including in ways you might not have thought of. So, I dub this week “ThanksGreening Week”.

What am I grateful for? Well, plenty. It might seem like I’d be the opposite seeing as I’m only a few months into a bipolar disorder diagnosis and my finances are a mess. But I’m looking to the positive things I have. I am grateful for a loving family, fantastic friends, a really understanding psychiatrist, a cozy home, a steady job and a fuel-efficient car. In the vein of fuel-efficiency, I strive to live as “green ” a life as I reasonably and feasibly can. I take steps to reduce my carbon footprint, but one thing I hadn’t realized is that my blog has a carbon footprint. That’s right, my blog. has a great program in collaboration with the Arbor Day Foundation called Green Gestures ( in which every day suggestions on greening your life are offered and it also provides an outlet for a greener blog! The process of cooling and energy consumption on computers results in emissions. Green Gestures seeks to plant one tree for each blog that participates. I’m happy to say I am a participating blog, meaning one tree will be planted in my blog’s name to offset it’s CO2 emissions! Any blogger can participate and have a direct impact on reducing their carbon footprint!

I’d like to wrap up this post by expressing my gratitude to Green Gestures for being able to participate in this program! Look for more posts on Gratitude and Greening this week!

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