Medication Update

I’m up to new levels on one of my medications. It’s helpful, which is great for me. I love feeling a bit more stable. Really…it’s nice to feel a bit more normal, more like a normal human being with reasonable reactions. I had to up the levels on my medications to handle the stress I’m under. It was to keep me from going off on any OCD major breaks, or bipolar deep ends.

What I take is topiramate and lexapro. Topiramate is for my bipolar II, and lexapro is for my OCD. The combination seems to be working right now, which is a comforting thing. However, I’m bumping up my topiramate dosage just a little big more, just to check and see how I handle it. My doctor wants me to try it, to see if that helps to ensure that I am healthy enough on the mental front.

I’m hoping that this slight bump up in my topiramate dosage will keep me well contented. It should hopefully keep everything all quite in line. If everything works out well, I’ll hopefully stay at this next dosage amount, and then I’ll be set for my medication amounts. As it is, I’m already taking more medication (outside these 2 for my mental health) than I really want to…but if it’s for my health, well then I’ll do it.

But I’m hopeful that this will help me. I’m sleeping better with this intermediate step up, and my appetite has been a bit better than it was before. Those are good signs, per the shrink’s words.


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