Google Hangout + Pro Thinkers

I’m organizing a google hangout for anyone in the bipolar / manic-depressive community. This includes those who are diagnosed, loved ones who support someone with bipolar, or mental health care givers. I want to hear what you would like to see explored in this film. Those involved in the making of the film naturally have many ideas, but I believe your voices will be the most significant in choosing our final plan of action, and our cast of humans.

If you would like an invite to the Google Hangout go to my Google Plus page and become my buddy.

A professional brain-storming session (yes, that’s an actual profession – and I wish it were mine) is being conducted this weekend with people who are outside the field of mental health. We’re doing this to gain a balanced perspective. The goal is to understand what issues society (unaffiliated people) might want explored, and what issues do those with a diagnosis wish to have explored, and where do those two circles overlap? I love venn diagrams. I should make one immediately to explain this.

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