Diet Mood Connection

You are what you eat, has new meaning for people like us. Although not directly supportive, this article goes back to my musings over a possible connection between celiac and bipolar, in that the gut affects mood.

I also found a really interesting (appearing) doctor in New York City, Kelly Brogan ( who is a practicing psychiatrist with a full body model for medicine. I wrote to her requesting a video-chat appointment, but she rightly referred me to another physician a couple of hours from San Francisco. I plan to follow up.

It really only makes sense to treat the whole being instead of a symptom. I have this attitude with all ailments physical, and have for most of my adult life. Why I didn’t come to the obvious conclusion, that I should maintain that perspective with my psychiatric condition, alludes me. Maybe I should ask my psychiatrist. I jest, I jest.

My friend just sent me this link also:

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