Bipolar, An Inflammatory Disease?

I happen to be a celiac, meaning I can’t eat any food containing gluten. My celiac disease probably revealed itself around the same time that I had symptoms of bipolar. I’ve always been curious if those two conditions were directly related. I’ve been doing a lot of reading and apparently I’m not alone in my belief that there are many physiological contributory factors to this disorder, one of which is inflammation.

I have a source, a medical professional, who has kindly passed along the following study. It certainly peaked my interest.

Also, try googling “celiac and bipolar.” The results are pretty profound. Anyone else interested in going gluten free and assessing how much it helps? I would be the guinea pig, but I’ve already been off that sauce for 7 years, rendering my gut useless in such an experiment. Who knows, perhaps I would struggle more profoundly if I was still eating wheat products, which cause inflammation.

Here’s another interesting link, although it’s obviously not a peer-reviewed study:

I intend on investigating alternative ways to further reduce inflammation in my body after reading this article and others like it.

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