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100 tips for Bipolar Disorder

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My 100 tips for Bipolar Disorder – please share as you see fit.

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cover100tips Thank you Bipolar Codex for this. I am going to make a real effort to do the things on this list. I'm not prefect, but if this is going to help me...WHY NOT! Visit Bipolar Codex's blog for more insight into one of our brethren's life: http://bipolarcodex.wordpress.com/

How do you find a doctor?

Is it like a Pokemon battle?


How do you find a good therapist?

Is it really just random where you pick a person and go for it?

There has to be a better way.

Well, today, I am looking to find someone who is going to help me, and who I’m going to like. I called the wrong type of doctor and the lady on the phone told me that this was the wrong type of practice!


There has to be a better way!

Mid-Fall Rose

This was a tiny bud two days ago when I clipped it from the bush outside my apartment. This is what I found this morning. A lovely way to start your day….. Filed under: Uncategorized

People here, People there, People everywhere are BIPOLAR!

A lot of people around me have mental illnesses, or have a family member with mental illness.

I am seriously not alone.

Its weird. When I started this blog, I thought this would be the only collection of mentally-illed thoughts, but NO, there are millions of us, aren’t there?

I must be holding the illness radar because people I haven’t seen in years have come out to me and talked to me about an illness that they are connected to.

I listen, but I never tell them my secret, but I am willing to talk to them about my mother situations…What is wrong with me? I finally feel like I can shout it to the rooftops, but I always seem to find myself stopping. I’m a fraud.

Actually, I feel more like a fraud than ever….this is a subject for another post, but, I have insurance now, so I can go to the doctor again. My husband says I should go soon, but I am ….I really don’t want to go.

I’M SO OUTRAGE BY INSURANCE PEOPLE AND INSURANCE LIFE that I don’t want to give in anymore. I don’t want their help. I don’t want to see an expensive doctor, who in the end is just going to prescribe me expensive ass medicine, that will fuck up my mood, time, day,…life. I don’t want to go through that all over again.

So, I guess what I’m trying to say is… people have mental illnesses everywhere, and..I’M BECOMING A BIPOLAR ROUGE!

Big Brother is in OHIO, and He’s After US

Dearest Bloggie friends, I have just taken my nightly sledge-hammer cocktail and I don’t know how long I’ll be able to remain coherent.  But this is really important and I want to get the word out to you.

One of our sister MI bloggies, who is an attorney, turned my attention to the state of Ohio, which has a bill in the legislature http://www.legislature.state.oh.us/bills.cfm?ID=130_HB_104 which “broadens” the State’s power to involuntarily commit “persons” whom a wide variety of people might suspect of being mentally ill.  These “persons” can be committed for up to ten days, after which time they are brought to court and if according to testimony a physician or psychologist or (….gets muddy here…) deems that they are mentally ill, they can be committed to a psychiatric hospital.  There’s a lot of language in here and I did not get out my magnifying glass, but it looks like the possibility of indefinite involuntary commitment exists.

Apparently there was a previous law providing for court-ordered outpatient treatment, which NAMI (National Alliance on Mental Illness) fully supports, because it would purportedly shunt people who need mental health services into the proper outpatient setting, thus cutting down on homelessness, joblessness, drug and alcohol abuse, petty crime, and all the other inconveniences of the visibly mentally ill, and hopefully creating a more holistic system for funneling the mentally ill into outpatient services and advocacy.

Please, can anybody tell me where the funds for setting up this lovely network are going to come from, in an economy where even the existing mental health services have been all but done away with?

And then my friend the attorney hips me to the bill cited above, which is a true marvel of legislative bill-writing sleight-of-hand.  It starts out dealing with matters pertaining to children in out-of-home services such as foster homes, and somehow segues into gun law and criteria for registering firearms; then it mentions briefly in passing that anyone who has been forcibly hospitalized for mental illness isn’t eligible to own a gun; then it slips into how it’s determined whether one is sane enough to stand trial; then you get the sense that it is building toward something; and that SOMETHING is forced hospitalization of anyone thought to be a threat to themselves or others, or who harms themselves, or talks about suicide or killing people, or who acts mentally ill.

So that means hypothetically that if a person took an overdose in a kind of half-heated suicide attempt, that person would be straight-away sent to the psych ward to cool their heels until they could have a court hearing, to determine whether they were mentally ill or not.  That could be as long as ten days.  They would have to get a lawyer, and preferably examination from an independent psychiatrist, which would all go on their bill unless they were declared indigent, in which case they would take pot luck of court-appointed attorney and expert.

Then, if you were found to be mentally ill at the court hearing, the judge could send you to inpatient treatment for periods not specified in the bill.  Chills running up and down my spine.  This is sounding like the bad old days in Russia, where anyone who disagreed with the government would be sent to a “psychiatric hospital” for “treatment”–which meant torture and brainwashing, with maybe a prefrontal lobotomy thrown in if you were recalcitrant.

Leaving the Ohio legislative nightmare for a moment, I would like to turn to an article I found while researching this story.  It seems that Ohio has developed a methodology for dealing with mentally ill (including Autistic, one would assume) and developmentally disabled children when they pitch fits or become uncooperative.  No, they don’t taser them.  Not yet, anyway.

Instead, they restrain them and/or seclude them.  To whit:

“In one year, about 1 in 25 disabled children in the Columbus school district was held down, physically removed from class or put in closetlike rooms to calm down.

By the numbers, 371 children were restrained or secluded a total of 1,829 times in 42 different Columbus schools, a state review of the district’s records show. The district previously refused to release those figures, saying they were private.”

–Columbus Dispatch

Wanna see what the “seclusion rooms” look like? Seclusion Rooms Ohio Public Schools

So from forced outpatient treatment, to forced hospital commitment, to institutionalized physical and psychological abuse of the most vulnerable of child populations–if the poor children aren’t mentally ill when they go into these schools they certainly will be when they get out–what on earth is happening in Ohio???

One interesting tidbit I gleaned from reading the bill is that people whose sole method of healing consists of prayer–which would be Jehovah’s Witnesses and Christian Scientists, mainly–are exempt from the whole forced outpatient and inpatient thing.

If you live in Ohio you’d better go right quick and join up with them, and carry your membership card in your wallet!