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Wednesday’s Quote: Terri Cheney

“I actually stopped talking. I actually listened.  So I knew that I wasn’t all the way manic, because when you’re all the way manic you never listen to anybody but yourself.”

– Terri Cheney


What do you do when the meds don’t seem to be working, you don’t want to take more, or different ones because you have already been there and done that, and your head just doesn’t feel “right”? I was fine and had been for almost 2 years until somewhere around 4 or 5 days ago. […]

Ritual Cleansing

So, while I was sitting at my desk yesterday, I think, I looked up at the top of my bookcase …

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These are your friends..

This is your friends..

This is real life..
These are your friends..
You thought you knew them, but you don’t..
This is their struggle. its real. its secret…
It’s sad…
It’s sad to think that even your own friends aren’t telling you the truth about themselves..
How they secretly struggle like you..
This week tell a friend about your silent struggle..
You never know…someone might be in the same boat, or in the same position, or hurting really bad…
Reach out and touch them…
Reach out and touch yourself. In a nasty way, it doesn’t matter, You deserve it