A Sticky Situation

Really not doing well today.  It started with a severe panic attack last night, and I just can’t get a grip on my emotions now.  It’s disappointing because I have been doing so well lately.  I’ve had stable moods and a relatively low (for me) amount of anxiety, and then BOOM!  It’s all back again.  What changed?  How do I transform so suddenly from a well person to a panicked, depressed crying mess?  All I know is I have to take it easy today so as to avoid another panic attack.  It figures that my son is in extra-busy-toddler-mode today, judging by the fact that he has somehow gotten jelly all over every single Ziploc bag in the box and then threw my cup of sweet tea all over the desk.  And believe me when I say sticky does not mesh well with my OCD habits.  Sticky is bad! So my anxiety is in overdrive, mega mega huge overdrive. Now everything in the house feels sticky and contaminated and wrong. But. I. Must. Calm. Down. 

Please, God, help me make it through the day. 

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