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Rick Warren Tells Story of Son’s Suicide on CNN

Rick Warren Tells Story of Son’s Suicide on CNN

Well …well…well…

It looks like the MEDIA is finally setting up mental illness to look like what it is…a sad SAD story for the millions of people who have it or are effected by it. 

but this isn’t enough. Just because you put on a well known figure on TV who has been recently affected by mentail illness doesn’t mean the world is going to change. We need more signs! More coverage! More appeals on laws! More EVERYTHING!

People are effected and affected everyday.

A Lesson About Migraines

I learned something about migraines last night — they are significantly more painful and worse overall when you can’t take codeine. *grumps*

See, I’m ‘lucky’ when it comes to migraines. I get a bilnding aura first, which usually lasts 20-30 minutes. That’s more than enough time to take something before the headache part clamps down. And because codeine can be obtained over the counter here, that’s been my go-to. It can’t be right now because of the whole pregnancy thing, so I settled for a paracetamol (Tylenol/acetaminophen to USA people). Not only did I actually have to crawl into bed for a bit, I’m still feeling the effects today. I suspect I will have another migraine today, though hopefully I won’t have too many in a row. Obviously, I’d prefer to not have another one at all, but as beat up as I’m feeling right now, I’m not giving myself great odds against such a return.

Past that, just trying to keep my head down until this stupid nausea passes. I’ll be about nine weeks along tomorrow, so I reckon I’ve still got another 3 weeks of this horrid suffering. I’d prefer it to lift immediately, but… better to be realistic, I guess. *sigh* It still feels a little more intense every day, which makes me less optimistic about it ending sooner rather than later. Ah well, at least it serves as a dual reminder — that the tiny fetal one is probably hale, and that I never ever ever want to do this again!

Anyhoos, back to keep my head down. I hope everyone out there is doing alright.


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