This Post Brought to You By Coffee and Mania

I’m still swirling around hypomania, looking for outlets for the excess energy. I’ve done all the housework I had around the urban farmstead, and I had several crafts started, but not finished. So I made a pot of coffee (Montana Coffee Traders Montana Blend-yumm!) and got to work on two crafts. The first was a painting of sorts. I had a blank burlap canvas that measured 12×12. We all know I love coffee and I have a blank wall in my kitchen that needed a little decoration. So I decided to make a coffee-themed art project.

I found a stencil of a coffee cup and it also featured coffee beans. So, using paint named “Espresso Bean” (appropriate) I got to work. I started with the main picture, then using another stencil I added in some lettering. The lettering is a teensy bit off center from the coffee cup, but I still think it turned out pretty cute and it was quick, too.


I’m excited to hang it in the kitchen (right by the coffee maker!) once it’s dry. The second craft I finished this evening was a repeat performance of this project. I now have a matching set of pillows to give my love seat a new look!  I’m also going to tweak a couple of recipes so they’re gluten free, I hope to share those with you soon.

I’ll end the post with a picture of my adorable, cuddly cat, just because.


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