Spa Sunday Goes Organic

A few months ago, I won a giveaway from and Nourish Organics. I got quite the haul- body wash, body lotion, body butter and hand soap all in their Lavender Mint scent. Nourish Organics bills itself as “concern free”- it’s gluten free, vegan, no animal testing and eco-friendly. The lavender mint scent isn’t overpowering. It also isn’t your grandmother’s lavender. The mint helps it stay fresh rather than cloying as lavender scented items can sometimes be.

The body wash does smell a tiny bit different from the body lotion. To me it smells like the air after a rainstorm.  I’m still using the products, though I have used their body wash in the vanilla almond scent previously. I really like the body wash. It doesn’t foam up like most commercial body washes do, but it does clean effectively. The body wash is non-drying and leaves skin very lightly scented. The body lotion doesn’t hydrate quite as long as I’d like, but I’ve got severely dry skin due to a side effect of a medication I use. I found the body butter worked better for the dry patches on my legs and it made my hands feel velvety. The first item I used was the hand wash. It has a great scent, rinses off easily and doesn’t dry out your hands.


It’s obvious I really like Nourish’s line of products. I also like the fact that they are a small company, they have quality items and gorgeous packaging. They recently released an argan oil line and facial skin care line that I’m eager to try. I also appreciate their “concern free” policy. SInce I must avoid gluten, it’s great to find an effective line of gluten free products. Nourish is certified organic by Oregon Tilth and it’s nice to know they do not test on animals. But concern free doesn’t mean they skimp as far as anything else is concerned. You’re still getting excellent products and they’re reasonably priced.

Check out Nourish at, also available thru!!

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