Still Gaining


I just got home from Weight Watchers and once again I’m not happy.  I gained another 2.8 lbs. I’m now at a total of 58 lbs. lost.  Sounds great except at one point I was at 90 lbs. total lost.  (sigh)

You may recall that I gave all my bigger clothes to Goodwill and had bought inexpensive clothing that fit better as I continued to lose.  The new clothes all felt better and looked better, however, that’s not true anymore.  I have many shirts that don’t fit me any longer because they are too small.   I can still wear all my pants and shorts, but they are getting tight.

Late night eating is one of my big challenges and someone at the meeting today suggested putting a chair in front of the kitchen to tell your brain the kitchen is closed.  Someone else suggested having a cup of hot herbal tea to tell your brain the same thing.  There were other suggestions, but those are the two simple ones that  I am going to try.

The other positive note is since I dropped my class at college I now have no classes until February.  This makes me very excited.  I now have plenty of time to take my daily beach walks again.  This will also keep me out of the house, which means I won’t be sitting around snacking all day.

So, yes, I did gain again today, yet, I feel very positive about future success.  I refuse to go back to Goodwill and buy my old clothing back.


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