I believe…
there should be a global conversation about mental health.
everyone should have access to quality psychiatric care.
there is no weakness in asking for and accepting help.
a person is more than his or her diagnosis.
no symptoms and feelings are taboo.
sharing my story will empower others to share their own.
There is much talk about “finding yourself” in college. What transformation takes place in the dorms, classrooms, and dining halls? I’ve been here less than two months, and I can already sense the beginnings of change. I feel myself becoming more passionate as I increase my involvement on campus, more understanding as I meet different individuals, more of a global thinker as I read and participate in conversations. Some of my beliefs have grown stronger, rooting deeper in my heart, while others have grown weak and fallen away, leaving fresh soil behind. Now I attempt to sow new seeds. Some have been rejected, while others thrive as small seedlings.
The beliefs that I post here are some of the strongest convictions I hold. I allow them to guide me as I explore this vast world and the even vaster Internet. These will be the guiding principles of The Awkward Indie Girl. As I expand my brand, I will remain connected to its purpose through these points. They will be trail of breadcrumbs, lingering behind me as a map to my small beginnings as a socially awkward fashion blogger turned socially awkward mental health advocate. It’s been a long, weird road, but I believe that I’m supposed to be here.
***I officially have a blog with the Towerlight, my school’s newspaper! If you want to read my first post, click here.

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