My Mood Journal for the Past Two Hours

7:00p.m.  Extremely depressed.  The typical distractions do nothing but make me feel worse.  Can’t concentrate to read, don’t want to watch TV, don’t feel like writing anymore miserable language, except for this stupid mood journal that seems pointless at the moment.  

7:05p.m.  Oh my! Must cook something to eat!  MUST!  It’s just so exciting!!!

7:10p.m.  Ugh, I got pots and pans out, but I don’t feel like cooking anything.  I’ll just fix the kid a sandwich and forget about it. 

7:12p.m.  No, really hungry!  Going to cook something!  It’ll be F U N ! ! ! 

{cooking-neutral mood, then stressed, then very stressed}

7:35p.m. I want to die.  But the food was good.  

7:38p.m. Actually, the food wasn’t all that great.  I wish I hadn’t eaten it.  What was the point?

7:45p.m. Bath time for son.  This will be fun!  He loves bath time.  I love my life!  

7:50p.m. He has dumped water all over me and the bathroom is flooded.  I am so tired.  I should have just let him stay dirty…I’m an awful mom for thinking that 🙁  

{wrestling to dry off and clothe son}

8:00p.m.  I’m exhausted. I don’t even feel.  Just numb and exhausted.

8:07p.m.  UGH I’M SO MAD!!! AND I HAVE NO IDEA WHY!!! 

8:10p.m. Just depressed now.  I’m tempted to write how depressed I am on my Facebook page but then everyone will think I am just complaining or wanting attention.  Maybe I should just shut the whole thing down.

8:20p.m. My son is so cute!  I love spending time with him!  Happy!  Happy!  Happy!  And I have so many projects I want to get started on, like this one, and this one, and this one!  Where to begin WHERE TO BEGIN???  

8:45p.m. I want to die.  I don’t know why anyone puts up with me.  Why do I even exist?  I should just end it now. 

8:55p.m.  Eh, feel so-so.  I’m going to post this to my blog for the hell of it.  Either people will sadly relate or they will have a good laugh at it, or think it’s really stupid.  Whatever.

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