Branching Out

If you’ve been following my blog at all, you know my content is as versatile as my moods.  I’ve always been a self-starter and perpetual student. I like learning about new things and this has proven beneficial to me after my bipolar diagnosis. I’m coming up with a sound strategy for handling my therapy, treatment and just every day life in general.

Part of this involves reaching out, once again, to the blogosphere to find support. There are currently no group therapy sessions available in my area but I love to hear from other people and how they are handling their diagnosis and every day life with bipolar. From what meds worked for them to the benefits of exercise, any input I hear/receive is beneficial to me. So I have looked into other blogs that detail life with bipolar. I’m super happy to report that I came across The Bipolar Blogger Network, full of amazing blogs written by people in all walks of life who live with Bipolar Disorder. It’s extremely encouraging to read some of the posts, others are definitely less cheery. But there is definitely a sense of community, a sense of belonging and no stigma or judgement.

I’m excited to become a part of the BBN as a blogger. I encourage anyone who has questions about bipolar or mental illness to check out or DBSAlliance is also running a campaign called the Say It Forward Campaign through social media. The goal of the campaign is to help reduce stigma so that people suffering from symptoms or already diagnosed do not fear seeking out treatment. I’ve already tweeted a few messages associated with the Say It Forward Campaign, but they definitely have some interesting, easy-to-digest facts regarding mental illness and treatment.

I’m bound and determined to not let this diagnosis get the better of me. I’m using it to do something positive and hopefully positively impact the lives of others. I hope you’ll join me in supporting people with mental illness and reducing/eliminating stigma.


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