How To Make Children Feel More Confident

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It is really important that a child develops a sense of self-confidence from early on to guarantee the best possible chances of success later in life. It can be very helpful to learn to trust in yourself and your own abilities early so that you are able to take life’s challenges head on.

But sometimes children might seem unable to break out of their shell and not feel very confident in strange situations. Therefore it is crucial that you learn to encourage your child to be more confident.

Build Positive Self-Image

Much of the confidence is based on the perception that children may have of themselves and thus it is really important you ensure their self image is as positive as possible. There are many different ways you can guarantee that their self-image is as positive as possible and it is a good idea to try and employ some of these tips.

First, Ask Dr. Sears website reminds parents that they need to make sure their own self-image is positive because children take so much influence from their parents. So if you are constantly putting yourself down the child will learn negative behaviour and will lose confidence in himself. So try to learn to love yourself so that you can teach your child to do the same.

Of course it doesn’t mean that you need to be unrealistic about it. It is also important for the child to learn to view herself in a realistic way and learn that people are different. It is okay to tell them that some people are better at some things, just as long as they understand it doesn’t make them any worse as a person.

Practice Real Life Situations

Often for a child a lot of different situations can feel very foreign and thus be very scary. For instance, going to the doctor might make them feel a bit scared because they aren’t used to the situation. Therefore a good way to provide children with more confidence is to practice these sorts of situations beforehand.

You could, for example, get a few dolls and gather them around and go through what happens during a doctor’s visit. When your child can be the doctor and the dolls act as the patients then the child will be able to control the situation and learn that there is nothing to worry about.

Dolls are really good for building up confidence in children because they can play the part of the child and the child can take care of them and express their feelings through the dolls. A Girl For All Time collectable dolls, for instance, is a really good way to build up your child’s confidence in a fun and controlled way.

Building up confidence through play is a really useful and simple way to encourage your child to stay confident and will also make them less anxious when they are faced with different situations in life. Learning about different behaviours this way will also allow them to ask questions and thus they won’t have to wonder why adults act the way they do in real life.
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