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Just Checking In

A while back I was going to post about a what an amazing week I’d had.  Then we had a death in the family and my writing plans were put on hold.  Even if they hadn’t been put on hold, there was no way I could write a happy post when I was heartbroken. I […]


There’s a lot of benefits to having 6 aunts. Endless laughs, great advice and running buddies are just a few. When you’re decorating on a budget, the aunts come through again with items I can use for the urban farmstead:


One aunt runs a coffee shop and got me coffee sacks. They’re great and still had a few loose beans in them!


I am hoping to use one for wall art, the others I plan to turn into pillows. Storage in my farmstead is always an issue. I’m always reconfiguring, trying to purge what I can and battling the confines of space in my condo-cum-farmstead. So my other aunt, who owns an antique store, found me some vintage crates:



I’m hoping to be able to empty out an unsightly plastic tote and place the contents in these. A lot more attractive and way easier to move.

It was a tough week for me emotionally, but knowing I have great family and friends to support me and encourage my creativity is wonderful. I love looking around and recalling the origin of the pieces in my urban farmstead. Also, one DIY project will be finished today, so I hope to have pics up tomorrow!

Have a great weekend and go give one of your aunts a hug!

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Down the Pub

I guess it’s official — I consider the pub a safehouse now. This is the third or fourth time I’ve come down for things that weren’t related to Stitch ‘n Bitch, and find myself to be most comfortable amidst the people and noises. I’m here for a good cause too — one of the ladies from my SnB group is running a MacMillian Coffee Morning event… just in the afternoon, and the day after it officially took place. Which is great — it means the pub is hopping and cheerful.

It’s not so good for the husband though — this isn’t a place he comes as regularly as I do. I know the levels of noise and people and clustering has been stressing him out, and I ended up snapping at him slightly and suggesting that he please to not be projecting it onto our daughter. Which isn’t fair — perhaps she was feeling as uncomfortable as him. It also belittles his particular mental health  make-up, and that’s not okay. It’s like I told him though — it might get on my nerves just as all my foibles get on your nerves. It’s not fair for me to think less of him for being discomfited. I’m just grateful that he’s willing to sacrifice the comfort of watching a football match he’s been waiting for for ages to come sit with me in a social, outside the house setting. He’s been able to watch most of the game via his laptop (free wifi, aww yiss), but of course, child-wrangling is eating into that.  I’ve been trying to be proactive about walking her around and the like, but she’s very daddy-clingy lately. Which is useful in getting this scribbled out, but not so much for letting him center and relax.

Anyhoos, hooray for leaving the house for social things twice in a week!


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"Uppity downess"

This week really has been what I'd call full on. My mind is still over the speed limit but I'm so tired that at least I'm getting proper sleep. I still feel exhausted.
I don't particularly feel that good but I don't particularly feel that bad either. I'm guessing that means I'm getting better. I'm not high and I'm not depressed. Result for my psychiatrist, a bit of a nothing for me. If anything I feel restless. I don't feel as if I've got anything that exciting in my life anymore. Nothing that really grabs me. Nothing to really look forward to yet I've got so much going on.
I've spoken to or seen just about everyone who means something to me this week. I've had moments when I've felt so content and so happy, like when my best friend came back from holiday but I've also had times when I've been sat at home on my own and wished my life away.
I'm so lucky to have so many people that care about me. I don't know why I still feel so alone sometimes. I don't mean to be selfish. I can't help how I feel and that makes me feel so guilty. How can I still feel so lost when I've got huge amounts of support? How can I still hate myself so much when I've got a huge number of people who love me?
I'm sure I'd be in a pretty sorry state without all those people. I genuinely do appreciate how much people care for me and that makes me feel, at times, like the luckiest,happiest person alive.
I guess my mood is generally flat, with a bit of "uppity downess" mixed in. Lol, I'm sure uppity downess isn't a technical term used in bipolar but it's the only way I can think of to describe how I feel. Happy and sad.

Gone, but NOT forgotten!

Hello BP world. I’m back…and IM MARRIED!

YAY to me! YAY to such a world wind of events that have stopped me from blogging, but now I’m back and better than ever. I have so much to catch you up on, and I hope you have some stuff for me.

First thing is first… MY BIPOLAR HAS DISAPPEARED!!

NO, seriously. I haven’t had an episode, a craving, a low moment, a high moment… I haven’t had anything to worry about! Isn’t that super? Don’t you just want me to rub you so you can get this NO BIPOLAR thing too?! Well, sadly, it doesn’t work like that, does it? It will pop its ugly head right back into my life, and I am not excited about it.

Good news is, I will have health insurance by the end of Oct, and I WILL be getting myself some help. I also have stop smoking, I started swimming for exercise, and I’ve started lying to myself. I’m lying because I’m telling myself that the worst is over… but its not.

I’m not ready to deal with my BP again, but i’m excited to get it under control and monitored.