Interview Series: Ellen Forney

I was given the opportunity to briefly interview Ellen Forney, the extremely creative author of Marbles: Mania, Depression, Michelangelo, and Me: A Graphic Memoir.

Ellen Forney1. I love your bravery, honesty and style in which you communicate your story.  It’s unlike any other I’ve encountered.  Tell me when and how you knew your story needed to be told.

You mention my experience (below, question 2) when I realized I was going to need to process my experience in comic form. That would have been a few years after my diagnosis. I had to wait a long time to tell my story publicly though, I just wasn’t ready to expose myself like that. Once I was stable though, I felt I needed to tell the story for myself, and for anyone struggling like I had that might benefit from my own experience.

2. I read in an article on Publisher’s Weekly, where you said of your bipolar disorder, “I remember it dawning on me, oh, I’m going to have to deal with this in a comic!” When I was reading your book; “Marbles: Mania, Depression, Michelangelo & Me” I felt like I was getting in your head.  How does it feel to have so many people have insight into your mind, your life and your bipolarity?

It’s a little weird but I’m used to it, to a degree – I’ve been doing autobiographical comics for a long time. This is a significantly more personal story, of course. Two things: I’ve found that having my story out there has made me feel stronger; I definitely exposed myself but still, I was the one that put the story together, of course there were some things I decided were private.

3. I’d like to delve into your life as a bipolar comic, and artist.  Would you say being bipolar has enhanced your creativity or are you creative despite it?

Who knows? It’s a part of who I am, I can’t really separate them.


Thank you so much to Ellen Forney!

Marbles Cover

The ever so fabulous International Bipolar Foundation (where I frequently guest post) is hosting a discussion and book signing with Ellen Forney October 3, 2013.  If you’re in California (which I am not) check it out!  For more details click here.


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