Wednesday’s Quote: Sadie Turner

“People often say “Just look for the silver lining.”  But what do you say to the person surrounded by fog?  They don’t see a fluffy object in the sky, blocking the sun for a moment or two.  But instead, they see everything as it was before, but through the murky, un-clarity of hopelessness.  As if they were standing at the bottom of a grimy lake except able to breathe.  But not wanting to because with each breath they grow numb from the cold loneliness.  What if they’re surrounded by a dreary blanket of darkness, made up of their own thoughts, too impenetrable for any light to break through?  So what do you tell that person who, as far as the eye could see, only sees fog?  A place where there is no silver lining peeking around the corner.  Imagine a place where your only companion is the confusion you walk around with.”

–  Sadie Turner


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