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Answers to Some Recent FAQs About the Invisible Scar

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Judging by our email at the Invisible Scar, folks have lots of questions about this site. So, we thought we’d take a moment to answer a few questions that keep coming up.

Is The Invisible Scar a professional organization?
No. The Invisible Scar is a blog with posts meant to help spread information about the prevention and awareness of emotional child abuse.

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I'm exhausted from Yom Kippur, and this just came across my radar. The Invisible Scar is a blog dedicated to "Awareness and Prevention of Emotional Child Abuse." They actually reach out more to adult survivors of emotional abuse and adult children of narcissistic parents. That is how I found them. I'm reblogging this as a resource for any of you who need it.

Holiday Blues

 I've made a decision about my holiday. I'm not going to go. Even if I made my mind up to go I don't think I'd be able to get myself organised enough. I've tried to look at it logically and there's absolutely no reason why I shouldn't go. All I need to do is pack a suitcase and get someone to take me to the airport . Seems so simple but I just can't do it. The thought just terrifies me. I don't even know what I'm scared of yet as soon as I think about it I feel sick, my heart starts pounding,  I start to sweat and I can hardly breath. I guess I'm just scared of being so far away from home. I know I won't be alone but I'm just not feeling strong enough. I feel so much better but I'm still finding it hard to be out and about. I need the security of my flat. I need my own surroundings and my own bed. I'm sure if I could get myself there I'd enjoy it but I just can't get over the feeling of uneasiness. It's just not worth it. I do feel really guilty even though my best friend has done nothing to make me feel that way. In fact she's been more than understanding. Sometimes I don't think I really deserve to have someone so wonderful as a friend. If it was the other way round I'd like to think I'd be as understanding but I can't say for sure. I bet there are hundreds of people who'd give anything to have a holiday right now and I'm just going to waste it. I really am pissed off. I'm never going to book another holiday in advance. This is the fourth holiday I've paid for and backed out at the last minute. Trouble is I know I will do it again. I'll be on a high and get all excited and enthusiastic about going somewhere and I won't have it that I could get ill and change my mind. I can never seem to do anything the easy way.That's just what I do. 

The Adjustment Bureau

Good morning from the land of Saturday. And the Land of Nod as well, yes yes. The adjustment of my sleep schedule is a slow and not that pleasant thing, but I’m doing my best to soldier along. I’ve had pretty crap insomnia the past week, but I’m mainly waking up in some semblance of okay.

I wouldn’t say it’s so this morning — my brain and body wouldn’t get comfortable quickly last night, and I’ve been rewarded with fuzziness and awkward hands. A very small part of the hand drama is chilliness; the spine of summer does seem to truly be broken. It’s probably the damp though, as that’s what my knees are telling me. *shakes cane*

What then can I really do, but continue to soldier on? Really, as long as it doesn’t fubar my knitting, I’ll suck it up and keep on trying to do things. After all, my mood continues to remain passable, and it’s not like I’m in super amounts of pain. If I’m lucky, it will translate into leaving the house (though I’m not counting on it at this exact moment).

Anyhoos, back to trying to wake up. I hope everyone is doing well.


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