9-11-2001 and 11-09-2000

As the US remembers 9-11 I am emotionally charged. I am reminded of a very confused and desperate time for myself. Yes, I recall the day the twin towers fell and I did watch the news and feel the horror. But more so I felt utter despair. You see it was almost the one year anniversary of my father’s untimely death then 9-11 happens and then I went nuts. I couldn’t do my college classes anymore. I think anyone else would have done the same.

But now, 12 years later I am just coming out of that funk. I didn’t realize it took that long to get over trauma. Though you never fully get over it. Today freaked me out so I had to recall what exact day my dad died. I went through the closets at 7am rummaging through bagged photo albums I never look at and found his funeral record. Whew….I feel better knowing the exact date.

I see my psychiatrist Monday….that is a good thing.

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