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Good morning from the evil world of pre-noon. Man, do I need more caffeine…

Yesterday morning was another up and out of the house early sort of day too (though with Lilbit in school, they’re all going to become days like today). I was in to see my psychiatrist for a check-up, and I was rather pleased — I knew it would be a quick in and out-esque appointment. And it was… after 50 minutes of waiting. The main doctor I’m seeing these days is usually hella prompt, so that really wasn’t appreciated. He did apologise and explain why, but still… blech.

Often, whatever doctor I’m in to see will have a student in to observe. And that’s fine by me — I’m very happy to let them learn from me and my situation. So of course, that made things a teense slower as he explained my history. I don’t mind — it meant that he hit the ‘trying to have a kid’ thing before we could re-introduce it. I think we’re on the same basic page there — I expressed what I think will be the right thing to do with my meds during the latter half of my pregnancy. My suggested plan is to come off of the Seroquel in the latter half of my pregnancy to avoid the possible complications that would force me into a nasty horrible hospital birth; I emphatically wish to home birth again (it’s fine if that’s your thing. I don’t like them due to my (step)dad almost dying a lot, and hopefully will never be an inpatient in my life). I’d still want to stay on the Zoloft, but for the most part, I would hope that my mood would be similarly stable to my previous pregnancy.  We’ve agreed that if I manage to catch before my next appointment, then I’ll get in contact and set up to see the doc sooner.

We also agreed to leave the meds as-is for now, which is fine. Upping my dose of Zoloft would double it ’cause I’m only on 50mgs right now, and as long as I’m mainly doing okay, I’m happy to hold off on that in case I need the higher dose in future to help smooth out the mood foundation. It’s certainly why I don’t want to come off my meds unless I absolutely have to — I agree with him that I am at a point where it does me the best good to be medicated for my own mood stability.

For now though, it’s time to return to my caffeine stability. I hope everyone is doing well.


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