New Blogger Flash!!

I had a new follower so as I always do I click on their picture and try to figure out if they have a blog to. Usually the person does not or it is private but I was pleasantly surprised by Randomness at its Best. It is written by Live Laugh Love, a mother and wife, who suffers from Bipolar disorder and she is just now starting new medicine after going a while with no meds at all. But I was hoping all you lovely Bloggers out there would stop by her blog and give it a read and show some support.


And oh yea, My man and I went to Mumford and Sons in Guthrie. Well, we tried to go but when walking to get to the entry gate I had a panic attack. So, my guy got the car and we went to our hotel where I felt very defeated. There went $200. I HATE PANIC ATTACKS SOOOO F”ING MUCH. There were over 30,000 at the concert so yeah I freaked the hell out. Oh boy.

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