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I reviewed Soul Kitchen Natural’s facial oil last week, which I used as a cleanser. If you’re new to using oil as a cleanser (it sounds contradictory, but it works!) it can be a little confusing. We’re all used to foamy or lathering soaps that wind up stripping our faces, so working with the oil can be tricky at first. I’ll share with you how I use oil as a soap and you can try it out for yourself!

I apply a few drops of oil to my fingertips and work it across my face, just as you would a regular facial wash. I concentrate on the areas I have the most trouble, be it clogged pores or breakouts. I massage the oil in a bit in these areas, then I let the oil sit on my skin for a minute. Using a clean washcloth and hot (but not too hot!) water, I press the washcloth over my face as a compress, focusing on where I applied the most oil. Remove the washcloth, rinse it to get it warmed up again, and repeat. I repeat the hot cloth press about 4 times. I then rinse the washcloth again, and gently (!!!) wipe away any remaining oil. Finally, I rinse the washcloth in cold water and apply like a compress again to close the pores.

Cleansing with herbal oil did take a little experimentation and getting used to. If you find you’re pretty shiny by mid-day, simply reduce the amount of oil you use a bit or repeat hot compress a few more times. Once you find the right amount of oil to compresses, you’ll know. My skin looks much healthier, even on “no makeup” days and let’s face it, being mistaken for your 20′s when you’re in your 30′s is pretty awesome!

Do you have any cool or unusual beauty tips/secrets you’d like to share? List them in the comments below!


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