Uplifting Links: September 4th

A new feature is coming to the Awkward Indie Girl Blog!
Every Wednesday, I’ll help you get through the “middle-of-the-week-blahs” with a few links. I’ll direct you to some of my favorite places around the Internet. Some sites will be funny, some will be interesting, and some will be sweet, but they will always be positive!
(via Joanna Goddard of Cup of Jo)
(via Eric)
(via Mom)
(via Dad)
If you have any links you want me to share next week, send me an email at theawkwardindiegirl@gmail.com.
Oh! And now for my uplifting news of the week: I’m going to be the mental health blogger for my college’s newspaper! I’m honored and excited to hold this position. I’ll be posting everything I write for the college on this blog as well, so you won’t be missing anything 🙂

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