Daily Archives: September 5, 2013

New Chapter

I can feel it
It’s near
Something I hold dear
I’ve waited so long
My heart sang the song
My fears are long gone
It’s time for something good
I know it’s time, I should
I’ve waited and waited
My feelings medicated
I feel them now
My heart goes pow
I’m ready
I feel so much more steady
Time for a new chapter
I’ll look at this after
I’ll know
It was a period to grow
I have so much to show

Uplifting Links: September 4th

A new feature is coming to the Awkward Indie Girl Blog!
Every Wednesday, I’ll help you get through the “middle-of-the-week-blahs” with a few links. I’ll direct you to some of my favorite places around the Internet. Some sites will be funny, some will be interesting, and some will be sweet, but they will always be positive!
(via Joanna Goddard of Cup of Jo)
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(via Dad)
If you have any links you want me to share next week, send me an email at theawkwardindiegirl@gmail.com.
Oh! And now for my uplifting news of the week: I’m going to be the mental health blogger for my college’s newspaper! I’m honored and excited to hold this position. I’ll be posting everything I write for the college on this blog as well, so you won’t be missing anything 🙂

Too much

I tried sooo hard today to keep a positive attitude and roll with the punches. For awhile it worked. But between going to the shop and coming home to all those kids (who were NOT amused when I locked the door so they couldn’t run in and out and help themselves to our stuff) and then R wanted me to order a part NOW amidst all the kid pandemonium and computer issues….

It was too much.

I can handle a bit.

I can’t process too much. Call me weak.

Now it’s 9 pm and there’s a ton of stuff I want to do, stuff I need to do…But my skin feels like it is crawling off my bones and I am itchy from allergies and I can’t even remember anything good that happened today because the overwhelmed factor has drowned it all out, as it always does.



So I can mentally flog myself for being so weak as to crawl into bed because my fragile psyche can’t handle life’s normal pace.

I try to remind myself I have a middle illness.

Being surrounded by a bunch of “suck it up” types nullifies any explanation (excuse, to them) short of dismemberment.

I just want one week away from the shop, away from all those brats that aren’t mine…About as likely as snowflakes falling in hell, but a ghoul can dream.