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Once upon a time, I lived in Montana. My kid sister still lives there and it’s a place very near and dear to my heart. There is a sense of resourcefulness among Montanans, and so it’s no surprise that while researching organic and natural beauty products, I came across a line called Soul Kitchen Naturals.  Christine Lambert began the business after her hobby of making natural gifts took off. She continues to create the products in her own home, using hand selected items.

I purchased the Balance Face Care Pack. For a very reasonable $25, I received: Lavender Lip Butter, X-Treme Skin Makeover Serum, Face Nectar, Pretty for Pink Anti Aging Moisturizer, Renewal Toner, Herb Infused Oil and Herbal Scrub/Mask. Everything arrived promptly and professionally packaged and it’s obvious from first use Christine carefully selects the best ingredients to make her products with. I’ve been using the items for close to a month now and I’m completely in love with this kit! The Herb Infused Oil can be used as a moisturizer or as a cleanser. If you’ve never cleansed with oil before, it does take a bit of getting used to. The whole idea of putting oil on your face to clear it up goes against all the advice we’ve heard for years, but it does work!


My favorite items in the kit are the X-Treme Skin Makeover Serum, Renewal Toner and Pretty For Pink moisturizer. The serum is amazing, it’s refreshing, doesn’t feel greasy and on warmer days, I use it in place of a moisturizer. I do notice those lines that were cropping up around my eyes becoming fainter. The Renewal Toner is non-drying, but still controls excess oil. I generally use it after cleansing with the Herb Infused Oil and before applying either the X-Treme Serum or before the FaceNectar. You can also use the Toner to set your makeup.

The Pretty For Pink Anti Aging moisturizer (10% of proceeds goes towards breast cancer research!) has the most amazing fragrance I’ve ever experienced with a natural product! I love it and how it absorbs into my skin without feeling waxy or greasy. All of the items in the kit have a wonderful, earthy fragrance without being bothersome.

Another great feature of the kit is that the items are customizable. The herbal mask allows you to mix with water, yogurt, tea or even honey. So if you need to exfoliate but not overdry, you can adapt it as needed! Christine lists all ingredient info on the website, so you can make sure you know what you’re putting on your skin. In addition to facial/skin care items, you can also purchase essential oils for aromatherapy, home cleaning products, hair care products and you can also customize a skin care scent for yourself!

I love to support small business, and Soul Kitchen Naturals is an amazing small business! Christine’s dedication to quality, organic products is evident through the products she sells. I am definitely going to remain a loyal customer and encourage you all to check out her site!

Here’s the Facebook page where you can get special offers, announcements and giveaways!

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