Most recent episode of Bipolar: Depression

I had been depressed for months and as many of you know it is sometimes hard to know it until it is over. So how do I know I was depressed….well it is kinda sad but here goes.
I stopped taking showers regularly. It always felt good to get in the shower but I just couldn’t get undressed.
I felt stuck, dull, and had to force a smile most of the time for about two months.
I stopped doing laundry and sweeping the floors and fixing meals
I was napping a lot
I felt unimportant in my own life (does that make sense?)
I couldn’t feel joy or elation
I was always feeling a blank stare in my head

But now I am in a much better place. Whew! Oh and I saw my psychiatrist and I told her about my lack of doing things and how I am feeling better and that I would like to get back on ADHD medicine. She said okay and so for the past week I have been very productive.

And I am just curious…
Does anyone have to take ADHD meds and it makes them tired?

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