Retail Therapy

Weekends here in the Midwest mean county fairs, antique/estate/yard/garage sales, flea markets and farmer’s markets. I’ve been feeling rather awful physically, in contact with my doctor to find out what is going on. The awfulness is having an impact on my half marathon training, which in turn depresses me and it’s just a big mess. Retail therapy has always made me feel better, but I’m still attempting to follow some sort of budget. So my mother and I hit the garage sales/flea markets today. I’ll include my favorite scores of the day, soon to be added to the urban farmstead!


got this charming little table (looooove the distressed finish!) at the flea market today. Plan to add it to my spare room, just have to rearrange and consolidate first.


Also got this vintage inspired medicine ad reproduction, with a little bottle attached to it. Really liked the look and of course the fact that it has to do with headaches! It’s going in the guest bathroom.

The retail therapy helped me not think about the pain (despite the fact that it did make walking tough) but it was a good distraction for a bit. Figuring out the redecorating and rearranging is also helping and the fact that I stayed under the amount I budgeted to spend (by quite a bit!) is great.  I’m really trying to make the most of this difficult period as far as making my home beautiful and the crafts turning out successfully is doing wonders for my self esteem.

Look for more updates to the urban farmstead soon!

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