In Ben’s Words: Chris

The following post is a guest post written by my younger brother, Ben.
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My sister is a very interesting woman. She has an insatiable thirst for knowledge and incessant need to be the best, or so it seems. These traits are what I think led her to a long, ongoing relationship with Chris. Honestly, I didn’t care for Chris at first. I had seen him only once prior to actually meeting him, and it was in a short video where he portrayed an LDS missionary. I wasn’t sure what to make of him; he was very sarcastic, straightforward, and didn’t care what people seemed to think about him. He also wasn’t very polite to my parents which bothered me a little (he has changed since then). I was also protective of my sister, which doesn’t show very often, so I already had predetermined animosity towards any man in my sister’s life. As time went on, I noticed how relaxed my sister became around him. It was nice to see that after all those years of seeing her trying to impress her ‘friends’. 
When Jenna hit her emotional equivalent of rock bottom, Chris stuck by her as supportive as ever. I think he was probably her biggest source of strength. Because of this experience, I will always have the utmost respect for him. I don’t know many guys, especially my age, who would stick by their emotionally unstable girlfriend once they even find out that they’ve cut themselves in the past. Chris stuck through everything. He was here for her literally every single day and then went to the hospital to see her when she was at her lowest.
 Not to get too mushy, but Chris is honestly a very inspirational figure in my life. I now believe that if a significant other in my life was experiencing mental instability on an intense level, I could be there for them through it all. I think Chris has been a positive influence on my family. He gave me insight into a world that I knew very little about: the world of science. Through that world, I’ve become a a happier, and I believe, more intelligent and aware person. Chris has helped both Jenna and me, though perhaps the latter being inadvertent. Although he and I occasionally squabble, I hope he remains an important addition to our family.
Now here’s a creepy picture I photoshopped (poorly) of Ben and Chris because I don’t have one of the two of them.
I’m considering having Ben write regularly (weekly or bi-weekly) for The Awkward Indie Girl. Even though we’ll no longer be living in the same house, he has almost sixteen years’ worth of memories to draw from. Would you be interested in reading?

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