Up I Go Again

Once again, Saturday was the magical weigh in at Weight Watchers.I gained 1.5 pounds. That may not sound like much, but sadly this was the 6th week in a row I’ve gained. Feeling discouraged, but hanging on because I know the program works. On the plus side, I met with two other members who are also struggling with their meds. Taking meds, like me, which slows the metabolism and increases appetite. I wish I could place all the blame on the meds. Sure, they make it substantially harder to lose or maintain weight, but there are other factors.

The primary problem is me. Well, a part of me…it’s all my behavior. I use to log long hours devoted to exercise. This allowed me to splurge on a regular basis, but I still lost weight because of all the walking I do. Once I went back to school everything changed. My exercise decreased dramatically, but I didn’t curtail my food intake. It’s pretty easy to see how/why I gained weight.

I’m sure I posted about all this before, but I had to bring it back up again because I have recommitted to focus on the program from this point on. The 15 pounds I’ve gained is going to start wearing off again. Maurice has recommitted as well. Weekends are the toughest and when this past the weekend ended we both did a pretty good job of not overindulging in food.

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