The (Real) Faces of Mental Illness

I’ve had an incredible response to my post last week, Stigma Sucks Sunday: A Recap

The author of the The Bipolar Place made a powerful vlog stating he’s the Face of Mental Illness.  You absolutely must check that out here.

And that got us really thinking, along with the blogger over at Bipolar for Life.  So we started Faces of Mental Illness, a campaign created to show THE REAL FACES OF MENTAL ILLNESS.

Let me show you more about it here…

The Faces of Mental Illness are on Facebook,(Like us!), Twitter (follow us & use #mentalfaces!) and YouTube (watch us and get yourself on there!) to show your support!

We need you to join us by downloading your own short vlog saying something similar to what you’ve seen here with the phrase stating that you’re the face of mental illness!  Then, email it to us at (and as always if you have questions you can comment below or email me at

Thrilled to be a part of this movement.  Join in!

Much love,

Mrs Bipolarity

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