The Truth About Me

In truth I’m me
No more, no less to see
I am complicated
My past cannot be duplicated
I’ve succeed and failed
My coffin has been nailed
I’m bipolar and sick
I’ve thrown tantrums and fits
I was hospitalized
My future not yet realized
I had a manic episode
I thought my head might explode
I saw the future and past
It didn’t last
Two months I was insane
It is hard to explain
My logic was wrong
I kept singing the same song
Chanting and nodding
My thoughts were colliding
It’s easy to be crazy
Much harder to be lazy
I laid in the hospital bed
I banged my head
Now I have a diagnosis
It’s hard to understand the prognosis
Will it happen again
Or was it the end
I’m still just me
Look deep down inside, you’ll see
The truth is, this is who I’m meant to be

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