I adore hermiting. I need to hermit often actually. Recharge, mull things over, give my brain a rest, put things mentally where they need to go, disconnect and go on auto pilot, watch a film based on Karen Carpenters life where the majority of the portrayal is done by Barbies, not wear a bra, do all the domestic duties I don’t have time to do during the week, listen to various music and play mental Tetris with this or that. I could happily hermit for dayyyyyys. I had no freelance work lingering undone, no pressing errands and a post depressive episode, long work week, house to clean up. My spinal issues are a constant pain and I often get angry when I have things I need to get done and my back has other ideas. It’s difficult for me to “be kind to myself and accept my limitations” whether they be physical or mental. I believe those are fantastic things for others to do for themselves but I often end up feeling as though my various limitations yield me defective in some ways. 

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