Stigma Sucks Sunday: A Recap

Yikes! What a week for stigma.

Dr Phil–a freaking psychologist (supposedly) literally said that the insane ‘suck on rocks and bark at the moon.’  How disappointing for a public figure, especially one who is in the field of psychology to say such crap.  Last I checked, this bipolar gal has neither sucked on a single rock, nor barked at anything, let alone the moon.

SHAME on you Phil McGraw!  He shouldn’t be allowed to be called doctor.  FOR SHAME.

Additionally, Brian Williams, NBC News Anchor, said Ariel Castro, the Cleveland kidnapper/rapist who held three women captive for a DECADE, was “arguably the face of mental illness.”  This guy?  THIS. GUY!?  This guy is the face of mental illness?  Really?  Yes, I’d say arguably, Brian.  Let’s argue about it, because you know what, I’m absolutely positive, he’s not THE FACE OF MENTAL ILLNESS.  He doesn’t get to be THE face of anything but disgusting little shits.

I’m pretty sure THIS is a face of mental illness.

IMG_3559 2

There are so many faces, so many beautiful faces, of so many people SUFFERING on the inside, from mental illness.  People who are not hurting anyyyyyonnnnne (because FACT: most people with mental illness are NOT violent!)  But because of stupid, ignorant, cruel, horrible, stigma-soaked statements like these–they’re are afraid to ask for help.  So many living and struggling in silence.

Phil, Brian, YOU wear their shame, NOT them.  They don’t need to feel any shame for a chemical imbalance in their brain.  YOU are SHAMED and you have lost all credibility.  You’ve offended me. Because of your absurd, ignorant, judgmental remarks, you’re amplifying stigma, the stigma we are fighting so hard.  We’ve taken so many steps forward, and you’re trying to make us fall backwards on our asses BUT I WON’T DO IT!

And remember folks, one in four people struggle with mental illness in this country.  This means, that absolutely Phil and Brian have people close to them who struggle. They’re not untouchable.  Sad, really.





Bipolar-disordered-woman & advocate,

Waiting for your apology, retraction and education,

Mrs Bipolarity

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