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Sarcastic Saturday

Six things NOT to say to a person with bipolar disorder: (Sarcasm at it’s best)

6. “You’re not praying hard enough for healing.” OR “You’re not spiritual enough.” Not only should you not say this, you shouldn’t think this. Bipolar disorder is not something a person can control or decide to stop having. Stop it.

5. “Just think positively and everything will be better.” A chemical imbalance is not going to be corrected because I think more positive thoughts. And on top of that, telling someone in a depression to simply think positive thoughts is like telling a kid to be quiet in church. It’s just not likely, and it definitely won’t last long.

4. “Did you forget to take your meds today?” (in a super condescending/snarky tone). It’s not funny, just don’t say it. There’s a difference in asking a loved one how they’re doing regarding their bipolar disorder, but if you have a doubt about the appropriateness of talking about someones medication, err on the side of not. That said, it’s ALWAYS ok to check in on a bipolar friend. Just like you check on ALL your friends who may be going through a rough time.

3. “It’s all in your head” (well yah, it’s a chemical imbalance IN MY BRAIN, but that’s not what you meant, was it?) Bipolar disorder, just like all other mental illnesses, is very real and requires very real medication and very real therapy to treat it. I don’t take it lightly and neither should you. Telling some one with bipolar disorder that they’re basically making it up is blasphemy. Don’t do it.

2. Don’t sarcastically say “I’m SO bipolar” or refer to things such as the weather as being “bipolar” it’s stupid, and down-right disrespectful. By joking and saying these things it’s minimizing the seriousness and often the severity of someone’s struggles. Don’t get me wrong, bipolar people have as good of a sense of humor as the next person but I mean REALLY, we don’t make many cancer or diabetes jokes, do we?

1. Don’t ever tell a bipolar person they can’t do something because of their bipolarity. It only makes them want to do it more and they WILL do it, and they’ll do it better than you.

Kind of joking, but I really mean it,

Mrs Bipolarity

Reliving Moments

Reliving moments
There are many opponents
I’ve been bad and I’ve been good
I’ve gotten away with more than I should
I can’t live in the past
That’s no way to last
I must move forward
I must be heard
I have not been perfect, not even close
But my loved ones love me
They love me most
To others I’m more like a ghost
I’ve come and I’ve gone
I’ve gotten along
I’m ready for more
That’s one thing for sure
More friends and more love
Blessings from above

The Sermon – The Video

I posted the written sermon on mental health that I did a couple of weeks ago, however, I’ve received some requests to see the video.  I was writhing in pain when I watched it, so I hope it sits well with all of you. Unfortunately the beginning was cut off. Also, I want to apologize for the poor sound quality. Maurice taped this using my cell phone.


It seems our cable company is repairing a fault in the area, which means that I might not be able to do proper posting for the next… *sighs* five days. So consider this a placeholder for today, and fingers crossed it’s up properly later.

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