My Ink=My mortality

I read this interesting and short article on the secret meanings behind a few different types of tattoos.

Do you have a tattoo? If so what is it and why did you get it?

I have two tattoos. My first one is a small outline of a dove on the side of my back. My aunt had just died and it sent me into such a state of depression that I had to literally scar the pain onto my body (I used to be a cutter). After a few months my father passed away and that set off a bomb in my brain. I have written about their deaths in more depth in It Is To Hard.

After the sudden death of my dad I started cycling quickly through my bipolar disorder and grief. I decided to get another tattoo in black, white, and grey on my upper back between the shoulders of an female angel with the same haircut as me and her wings spread open a little. My step-dad didn’t speak to me for a week when he found out. Oh joy.

But as I read the previous article I could relate to the meaning behind a black and white tattoo. It does represent my lost loved ones but also because I put myself into the angel I sort of marked my own mortality. So Yes, i have two tattoos and yes they both hold great meaning to me. Would I get another…..probably, if the reason was powerful enough.

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