Everything is Okay

They look at you with questioning eyes
Trying to surmise – what happened?
Is she okay? Will she ever be the same?
The answer is no. This is a new game.
It is okay to change, to transform
That is the new norm
I feel like a new person
Looking out at the sun
Ready to have fun
To live a life filled with joy
I will once again dance
I’ve been given another chance
A chance to be me
To be the person I want to be
I want the world to see
It feels good to be free
Free from the prison where I was trapped
No more of that
I raise my arms to the sky
No longer ask why
I know why I’m here
I’m here to help eliminate the fear
The fear of the unknown
The other end of the phone
The messages we try to escape
They are what is great

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