Inside Insanity

Dreaming dreams
What do they mean?
I’m awake but don’t know the date
Seeing flashes of light
But it’s dark and it’s night
This is true fright
While shadows over take you
Dreams penetrate you
Nightmares become real
You feel the sting of their chill
You are ill, just don’t take the pill
Keep your morals
Your not a little girl
You are a warrior, ready to fight
Those that bump in the night
But it is day
Not time to play
Your mind has escaped you
Your thoughts they have raped you
You fall asleep
But far too deep
you think this is death
you take your last breath
you know you’re not done
that was just number one
now it’s your time to rise
show them what’s in your eyes
be strong in spirit
and make sure they hear it
I fear them and they fear me
Uncertain of what they see
Is it evil, or is she well
This world seems like a twisted hell
I know them
They don’t know me
I embrace them and shout at them
As if they know
I beg and beg, please let me go
They say no and grab two men
They grab my arms as I fall to the floor beneath them
Bruises line each arm
Like concentric circles that remind me of harm
Someone pulls the alarm
I’m certain this is my time
Time to leave it all behind
Unaware that it’s no dare
It’s a drill, of my will
How long can these delusions last?
When will this hell be a thing of the past?

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