God vs. “god”

What do I mean why I say “god” – I’m not referring to a Christian version of God. I’m no Christian. I’m not an atheist either – nor would I would label myself agnostic. I believe in something – I’m just not sure what that something is. It could be an energy, a multitude of different gods, or it could be a collective force – all that is and ever will be. I believe in reincarnation – though that got me into some trouble. I believe in karma – but I don’t think I deserved hell on earth. I believe in energy and the law of attraction. I believe good things come to good people, and visualization and feelings are extremely powerful – but not as powerful as I believed when I was hospitalized.

So, when I refer to “god” – I simply mean a higher power, something (not someone) that controls the big picture and fits the pieces in the puzzle together. Some “thing” that hears our wishes, or feels our energy and answers our prayers or wishes.

I believe we all have “god” energy in us – we are mini-gods. We have the ability to carve our own reality through visualization and positive energy. If you can change reality, doesn’t that make you a god? Or at least – god-like? I believe so. I believe we all have the ability to create our own reality, and we can affect other people with our energy. We are incredibly powerful beings. We just have to know how to focus our energy on those things that matter most to us.

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