Nuthin’ Special

I went up again on Saturday’s official weigh in.  I increased my weight to 225 pounds which is  nearly a 2 pound gain. At one time I had lost net 90 pounds.  But now I’m at a net 78 pounds lost. This is disheartening, because I worked so hard for those 90 pounds. I know going back and sticking with the program will get me back to a 90 pound loss…and more. I just have to keep in mind that Weight Watchers is not a diet plan. It’s a way of life.

Other than the weight increase, my week has been nuthin’ special. That is such a good thing. No major depression. No mania. I dealt with some stress, but nothing debilitating. It just was what it was and I like it. I am crossing my fingers that it continues through the rest of this week. I really deserve this break.

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