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2 jobs, one illness.

Today, I got offered a job, and an interview at another one. Both jobs I have done before (work-wise), but I don’t know which one will work out for me….and my bipolar.

One I’m working with people, the other machines. One I am sitting down all day, the other I am moving constantly. Which one will be good for my and this disease?…

How do you pick something when you know you have to factor in your bipolar?

Very carefully..i guess…

Mania is Gone

Feeling frustrated and I’m not sure why
It makes me want to cry
But I cannot, why?
I know there is something more
But what it is, I’m not sure
I went insane
Couldn’t stay in my lane
Now I’m returning to me
But there is less for me to see
My mania was freeing
It left me feeling
Feelings so intense
They did not make sense
But it felt so real and raw
You wouldn’t believe what I saw
Beauty and love
Came from above
I saw hearts and stars
But felt imprisoned, behind bars
They locked me away
They couldn’t hear what I had to say
It made no sense
Except behind my lens
Reality became distorted
In my bed, I became contorted
Like a freak beneath the sheet
I couldn’t take the heat
So hot it was cold, feelings grew tired and old
How could I be so bold?
Don’t behave that way we’ve been told
Quiet the mind
See what new reality you can find


Exhausted mind
Left too much behind
Forgot the feelings
That left me reeling
The good and the bad
Things that made me happy
And those that made me sad
Trying to find what was lost
I’m taking pills, at what cost?
The feelings are less intense
What’s the sense?
I must grab them and feel
It’s the only way to truly heal
Reach deep down inside
Find them, even when they hide
Release the feelings to the world
Don’t worry if it feels cold
They may be old
But they still hold
Beauty and pain
Dance in the rain

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