Daily Archives: July 13, 2013

“Am I Really . . .?” Part Four

Some background continued:   I was slowly getting back to my normal.  I was eating regularly thanks to the delivery of my noon meal.  I was drinking water and other liquids, so that part of my system was returning to normal — except for the occasional dizzy spells.  The meds were working.  This ordeal had […]

“Am I Really . . . ?” Part Three

THIS POST MAY CONTAIN SOME TRIGGERS, SO PLEASE BE AWARE!! Some background continued:   By the grace of God and by prayers I didn’t know were being fervently offered to God on my account, I made it through that night alive.  It was torture and agony both in my soul as well as in my body, […]

“Am I Really . . . ?” Part Two

THIS POST MAY CONTAIN TRIGGERS, SO BE AWARE!! Some background: After my mother died, I still stayed “on the job” for another year as I settled her estate.  Unless you’ve done this for a loved one, you have no idea what all is involved. Thank God for the lawyer I found for her, because he […]

“Am I Really . . . ?” Part One

I called the manager of my apartment complex last week and asked if she would come to my apartment to pick up my rent check.  She was more than happy to do so.  Sometime during these past four and a half years when I’ve been more sick than I was the previous fifteen and a […]