Daily Archives: July 6, 2013

I’ve Been Pressed!

No, not by some perv in the Tube.  For this post. Actually I feel more like my favorite grind of  a dark roast Tanzanian Teaberry coffee (as I write this I get a worrisome chill: is it a product of human slavery?  Oh no! Maybe I’ll have to switch to a Costa Rican Fair Trade…) in a French press, the rich hot good liquid being separated from the rich hot good solids….it’s all good!  But the liquid is what we drink in our coffee cups.  So I raise my coffee cup to all of us wonderful bloggers, and I dedicate this honor to you, to us all, because we are the engine without which WordPress would, uh, not be WordPress, and would not run.  And for myself, personally, you, the WP community, and particularly my wonderful community of Mental Health bloggers and my Team Canvas, are the engine that keeps me blogging and continuously feeds me inspiration and ideas.

So, THANK YOU to every one of you, and especially you fellow “Mentals” who really do keep me chugging along.

Cheers!  (clink)


Bipolar Bytes; You Can’t Color Me Normal, so that makes me…wrong?

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