Under Pressure

Once again I’m finding myself under a lot of pressure, today starting with overeating.   Yesterday, Maurice and I, walked down to a BBQ restaurant in our neighborhood and I ate like a king.   A gluttonous king, of course.   Then we went to the movies and I had a large dark chocolate bar.  Then, when we got home I topped it all off with some ice cream sandwiches.  Granted the ice cream sandwiches were low calorie, however, if you eat enough of them the calories add up.  Two days before my Weight Watchers weigh in is not a good day to overindulge.  Normally I’d shrug it off, but as I said recently, the scale has not been my friend lately.  I’ll survive, but I’ll freak if I gain weight again this week.

I have a lot going on at school on Tuesday.  I have to present a speech which has to be written,  I have a test which I have to study for, and I have a special project to do.  So much for a long vacation weekend.

In addition to all that I have a lot of projects to take care of before the sermon I’ll be conducting at the end of July.

As I said in a recent post, my world keeps getting bigger and bigger.  Sometimes I’m thrilled, sometimes I’m scared, but either way it ain’t easy.



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