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BBC – Preventing bipolar relapse with web therapy

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I found this BBC News piece on Bipolar.

I found it very insightful & the first two lines summed up how I've sometimes felt when in a hyper phase.

Have a read & let me know what you think. I've also copied and pasted it below in case you can't access it outside of the UK. I've also pasted the related links at the bottom of the story, let me know if you want me to email you a copy, as I don't think the links will work when I publish this post.

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Great article and useful resources!


Child-wrangling went especially well last night. I guess the novelty of me running the bedtime gig enthralled her, seeing how she didn’t stall once. I expected a lot of them, so I started the routine an hour out from bedtime in the hopes that would be enough time. Twenty minutes later and a fair bit before bedtime, she was tucked in and shooing me away. I certainly can’t complain at those results, ha ha. I probably wore her out — I was doing my best to distract her most of yesterday so my husband could prepare for his DJing gig.

IMG_2067I’m not really up to much of anything today, besides playing Dragon Age 2. Even though it’s really warm out, I’m cold, so I might work on my lap blanket-to-be a bit (pictured to the side!). I’ve not made my mind up yet if I’ll do more than look at it though. Dragon Age is a rather clicky game; it’s not like it’s going to run itself while my hands are otherwise occupied like Evil Genius or Settlers!

Anyhoos, perhaps I will go find more caffeine, but for the most part — victorious chilling. I hope everyone else is having a lovely laid-back (or adventurous, if you prefer) day!


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