I had something light-hearted, and kind of funny I was going to post today, but in light of the tragic devastation in Oklahoma due to the mile wide tornado that spent over an hour on the ground, well, I had something different on my mind.

I’m THINKING OF ALL the people there and PRAYING FOR ALL the people there.  As a mother, I’m thinking about all the parents who lost their precious child(ren) today.  I cannot fathom the pain, sadness and anger they must feel.  As a wife, I ache for the wives who lost a husband and husbands who lost a wife.  As a daughter, I pray for those who lost a parent.  As a sister, a friend… I pray for all of them. Worried and thinking and praying.

But something that strikes me again, is this statistic of one in four people struggling with mental illness.  Well, there’s got to be several of my bipolar brothers and sisters there.  This terrible disaster would flip ANYONE’S life upside down and inside out. And as I am putting myself in their shoes, I can’t help but think about those people who are already struggling with their bipolar disorder or, who’s stability will be knocked out from underneath them.  Even things like, where will they get their medication to take tonight?  Seems maybe silly and unimportant to some, but I know it’s something I’d be so worried about if it were me.  I would be so messed up, I don’t need to add to it the whole situation of being off my meds.  Just sayin’.

This is a life changing event for so many people today and I just needed to stop, think and reflect. I needed to share my thoughts with you all.  Such a sad day and I’m truly praying for all the lives affected by this horrific day.  I pray for peace and for comfort for each and every single one of them.  God, I pray you will give them what they need during this time of desperate need.  Have mercy!

So Sad,

Mrs Bipolarity

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