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Blog for Mental Health 2013

I pledge my commitment to the Blog For Mental Health 2013 Project. I will blog about mental health topics not only for myself, but for others. By displaying this badge, I show my pride, dedication, and acceptance for mental health. I use this to promote mental health education in the struggle to erase stigma.blogformentalhealth20131

When I first started blogging back in 2008, I was part of a small, but supportive, group of bloggers sharing our successes’ and our struggles that come with living with mental illness.  This past January, when I came back to blogging full time, I was pleasantly surprised to find that the number of Mental Health bloggers had grown tremendously.  Happily I stumbled across A Canvas Of The Minds and the Blog for Mental Health Project which is an excellent way to locate a variety of mental health bloggers. Each sharing their own experiences.

I always considered myself a weird kid (I’m sure many others thought so as well.) For many years I was diagnosed with depression, but something about that diagnosis just didn’t feel right. Over time my behavior became more erratic and reached the point where my life was completely falling apart and I didn’t know what to do. I sought help from the Los Angeles County Mental Health Department. Being underfunded and overloaded, I was turned away several times. I was terrified and began to wonder what was the point of staying around in this world any longer.

I don’t know where I got the perseverance to keep trying, but I did, and was finally accepted as a client. It was not a moment too soon because my life was a shambles and I believed I was going completely insane. It was through the county system that I was, finally, accurately diagnosed with bipolar disorder. It was a pleasant surprise to find that I was just crazy, not insane.

It took several years to find the right medication cocktail I needed to get my life in order. I wish I could say I am cured, but I am not. I have, however, reached the point that most of the time I am able to be a productive member of society. My life is a country song played backwards.

I returned to writing regularly on my blog to share those times that I still struggle with mania and depression. In addition, I hope my story will show many that life can get better. I consider my painful journey a success today and with that I hope to inspire others.

Thank you, Ruby Tuesday of Canvas of the Mind for the opportunity to be a part of this growing network. If you are a mental health blogger and would like to be a part of this special project I highly recommend you take a look at Blog For Mental Health 2013 to see how you can qualify.

Looking for other mental health bloggers? Here’s an excellent list. It’s the Blog For Mental Health 2013 Official Blogroll. I’m sure you’ll find something on that list that speaks to you and help you feel you are not alone on this wild ride we call mental illness.

Steady Onwards

Good morning, for those of you that are morning-inclined. I’m not and never have been; even in Kindergarten, I used to ask my mother why I couldn’t attend school at night. It’s going to decimate my health when the little one starts going to school full-time, but that’s a worry for another day.

Lemsip/Theraflu -- Nectar of the Demons *blanch*

Lemsip/Theraflu — Nectar of the Demons *blanches*

But I feel the need to try and knock out my blogs sooner rather than later, ’cause manners. We’re supposed to be driving cross-country (Oh okay, an hour and a half. But that’s a long way in England!) to go hang out with dear friends for the day, and to watch Eurovision tonight. I’ll be taking my laptop with me, but I try to not do attention-hoggy things with it.

I’m still not sure I’m up for the ride, but I’m doing my utmost to try and get myself together. I made a point to eat a bit more last night to try and give my body fuel to fight the sick (nom nom fruit), and I’m currently renewing my acquaintance with the mug of gross pictured on the left. I don’t know if it’s going to help, but it can’t hurt. I guess I won’t really know for sure until we load up to take the little one to her grandparent’s house! I’m choosing to be optimistic, of course. Worst comes to worst, I’ll be a bad co-pilot and try to sleep through the ride. We both kind of need the break and change of scenery for the day, so… *smiles*

Mentally, I’m feeling pretty alright for the moment. I’ve noticed the last couple of days that I seem to have a minor mental buffer, enabling me to handle stressful things like cranky child without immediately losing the plot. I certainly hope that becomes the norm — not having a buffer severely limits what one can do, which I am sure many of you can appreciate!

I hope everyone has a good day.


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Wonderful Wednesday

Wednesday, May 8, 2013, was a most unexpectedly blessed day for me.  Normally I don’t have a lot of people calling or coming into my apartment.  Wednesday turned out to be one of those days where the phone rings off the hook while people are coming and going in and out, this way and that. […]