Prayers Needed over Abuse

I am almost done with the application process to get my Rx coverage and aid back. Whew! But until then I did have to utilize buying my Abilify through a cheaper route than my normal pharmacy. My new script for 2 months should be here in a week and until then I have samples.

But this is not why prayers are needed….

A friend of mine has a very abusive relationship with her husband. The emotional and verbal abuse are the worst and he has physically harmed her in the past and he is probably mentally ill because it runs in his family and to make matters worse he owns firearms. Worst of all ….they have two kids under the age of 12 caught in the mix. SO …. you can see why I am worried.

But there is more…

My best bud lives near my abused friend and in fact knew her first. After a few times hanging out with her I realized this relationship was going to end up with someone hurt badly and in turn that will hurt the kids. So all three of us came to the conclusion that a change HAD to happen. She bravely left him and filed a protective contact order against him. He went nuts and filed a bogus protective order against her to prevent her from seeing their children. Unfortunately the first court date went in his favor because he already had an attorney (friend of the family) and she had nothing but her word. So she has a nasty fight ahead of her. Until then she is staying with my friend and with me while she saves money for her attorney she just hired two days ago. She has also applied for food stamps to help out with food cost since everything she makes at her job goes to getting her kids back.

But I also want to pray for him the abuser so he might see the light and put what is best for his kids above what is going on in his not so stable mind. I pray he stops abusing drugs, I pray he gets a grip on his life, I pray he becomes a better man and stops with his insane jealousy issues on his next relationship.

For her I pray that she gains back custody when God knows she is ready, I pray she flourishes in life as do her kids, I pray they find every bit of happiness that living a stable life can give you.

For her kids I pray they are able to bounce back from this divorce and in turn find peace in life, I pray they excel at school and have a strong inner spirit. I pray they never become abusers or victims of abuse. I pray they become happy.

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