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Speaking of famous people with bipolar disorder, Demi Lovato is awesome.  She casually brings up her bipolar disorder when she didn’t even necessarily have to in an interview with Ellen.  And how cute is she?  And hilarious.  So proud of this girl!

On a completely unrelated note, check out this article. There was apparently a research study in which the findings suggested that Flu During Pregnancy May Trigger Bipolar Disorder in Offspring. Someone, please tell me what you think of these findings.  I find it very interesting, confusing and coincidental.  I don’t know, just…weird.  Is it only me?

On a super unrelated note, I need to share this article with you,  Mental Health Patients: Ending Stigma Must Come From Us.  For me the article took a while to get going, but I liked where the author said

“When we as patients are reticent about our disorders, when we hesitate to say what it is that we are being medicated for, or when we hide our pills and our therapy sessions from our friends and our family, we are perpetuating the idea that psychological disorders are shameful and deserving of judgment”

Then in the last paragraph;

“I don’t think everyone needs to publicize their disorders; I believe that many people need their privacy for reasons other than fear of stigmatization. But to hide it completely is to give in to the stigma and encourage its continuation.”

I agree with all of that.  Plus I’ll add, I don’t think that it’s prerequisite to “air dirty laundry” in order to get my message out there and accomplish my mission.  (And I’m not sure there will necessarily be a day where I’m like “Mission Accomplished” anyways).  I will say though, there has to be some form of balance here.  Some balance in sharing my life on the interwebs for everyone to read.  This is exactly where I am right now.  Trying to find appropriate balance in life, with my writing…basically with everything.  So I thought the article made relevant and interesting points, hence the sharing of the article.

Happy Friday, friends!

Speaking Randomly,

Mrs Biporlarity

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